Kart Racing


Sprint racing is a short-duration race, normally consisting of around 12 laps and no more than 15 minutes per race. Speed and successful passing is of the utmost importance.

Depending on the number of competitors, we can organise a knock-out competition, or customise the racing to suit you, eg: ladies races, novices etc.




Endurance racing is about strategy and team work. It is an ideal team building event where teams compete against each other. Depending on the length of the race, there may be fuel stops, however driver changes will be done to ensure that all drivers get a turn at the wheel. The race is monitored by a professional timing system ensuring teams know exactly where they are, and what lap times they are doing. Kyalami Kart Circuit will also customise the format of the race for you.




The Circuit

The outdoor kart racing circuit is designed for professional kart racing. The multi-level tar surfaced track is 845m long and was designed by 125cc MAX World Champion Claudio Piazza-Musso. There is a combination of both fast and slow corners and lengthy straights to challenge your driving skills without being too technical. The circuit is lined with tyre walls on both sides for your protection.




Open Practice

Kyalami Kart Circuit is open for practice to all karts seven days a week from 9am to 5pm Monday – Friday and 9am to 2pm on Sunday. Phone ahead to ensure availability. Open practice is only available for private kart owners.
Please call us for circuit availability as corporate karting does take preference from Monday to Saturday.
On Sundays we are only open for Arrive & Drive rentals, and normal kart practice (no corporate bookings), so if you arrive between 9 am and 2pm you are guaranteed to get some practice laps in.


Practice Schedule:

On the hour – baby karts and juniors (small framed karts) private karts only
Quarter past the hour – senior karts beginners and f400 (big framed karts)
Half past the hour – arrive and drive clients  (rental karts)

Our marshals will control the day, and their decision is final.

Schedule is subject to change without prior notice.

Practice fees : R 200 per day or R 150 for half day
Please note – Self-catering is not allowed as the canteen is always open to provide you with food and drinks.

Strictly no alcohol to be consumed whilst using the circuit.